Artisans of Style: Michael Pretolani

“My name is Matteo Pretolani, but everybody calls me Michael. So you might as well call me Michael too, my friend.

I was born in the seventies, 1976 to be exact. It was the year of the Friuli earthquake. Growing up in the seventies and eighties was quite intense. They were the decades of political and economical development, both positive and negative. Made in Italy finally showed its refined allure as a true brand and the Italian lifestyle was adapted and embraced worldwide.


I guess it is fair to say that my father, as for so many young men growing up, was my style mentor. He proves to be an on-going inspiration and has shaped me in many ways. Have you ever heard of Ray Petri? He was a notorious British fashion stylist in the eighties, known for his explicit and sexually charged campaigns. His ability to create an entire personal world, creating silhouettes that didn’t even exist at the time; it still mesmerizes and inspires me to date.

Perhaps this is why I am so connected with the artisanal style and way of life. For me it is about something being made with passion and patience. To truly put your heart into everything you do, taking your time, taking it slow. The work of Dries van Noten embodies this spirit for me, I absolutely love his work and he has proven to be a true artisan of fashion and design.


All these inspiring people in my life and the way it shaped my own lifestyle made me create the G.A.V.E.T.T.A. project, which is my personal brand. Gavetta can be translated into “focusing on your work or passion for a long time”. It’s about taking it slow to reach the top, taking your time to succeed in what you love most.

We all live and learn the hard way, and this transforms us into our final form. I am the master and artisan of my own life. This is who I am, Michael Pretolani.”

“Honour your mistakes as a secret intention.



This post was previously featured on Union of Artisans for which I own the copyright.

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