Connecting the dots

I’ve always felt a connection with Antwerp. Its relaxed vibe, inspiring architecture, abundance of boutiques and open bar culture always makes me feel truly at home.

It was near the end of 2010 that I first started to realize what I truly wanted with my career and life, and I have Antwerp to thank for it.

Being obsessed with denim and appreciating the beauty that the city had to offer, I set out to create a business plan in which I wanted to work with young student designers from the fashion academy and provide the best of the best in denim to the market. I had intensive talks with the Chamber of Commerce and already agreed upon collaborating with the Fashion Academy to offer their students a workspace to create and sell denim garments. photo-1446051642017-6d07a440087f

Unfortunately, that cookie crumbled. I gave up on my dreams and plans for personal reasons, making a decision I regret to date. Why? Because I allowed someone else’s career goals interfere with mine. A wise lesson I’ll never forget.

However, it was an eye-opener for me on where I wanted to go with my dreams. I returned to live in Antwerp during 2014, which was an important year for me in terms of finding myself and my own why.

Looking back, I discovered so much with my time spent in Antwerp. I know now what I truly want and I know how to get there. It might take me a while, and it won’t be the easiest way. But it will be the way. And that journey started from Antwerp.

Where I’m going? Just ask.



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