Artisans of Style: Jacques Grosz

“1962. What a year! Let me tell you, mes amis… It was the year that France granted Algeria its independence. It were heavy times, rebellious times. The 60s were crazy anyway… A decade of political reform led by Charles de Gaulle. France became a nuclear power nation, and there were countless conflicts with European allies.

Signature FingerI was just a youngster growing up in Paris, taking steps in life in order to develop and grow my personality. I remember setting foot into the 70s, a decade which most definitely shaped my character. Over the years, I grew fond of Fred Astaire, Cary Grant and the “King of Cool” Steve McQueen. Those were the days! They were real icons, which are hard to find nowadays, and back then they influenced entire generations.

I think I was 17 when I first got into fashion. I started my career at the boutique of Marcel Lassance, one of the most inspirational designers to ever come out of France. He was, and still is, a visionary. Designing with belief and persistence, monsieur Lassance defined a new relaxed elegance with the highest standards. He was only interested in fashion that never goes out of style. It was here that my never-ending love for fashion and its industry started.


And now mes amis, here I am, still in timeless Paris. I put my heart into work everyday, carefully curating the men’s vintage fashion at Kiliwatch.

You know what I love about vintage? The enormous wealth of artisanal treasures that you keep finding, the quality, the craftsmanship, the passion, it is truly amazing and inspiring. Realizing that any garment you hold in your hands, is hand-made by hard-working artisans. C’est magnifique!

image2It is wonderful to see that more and more artisans get the recognition they deserve. When I look at the beautiful products made by my friends from Atelier de l’Armée or Sweet Trade, it makes my heart skip a beat. It shows the future of history.

It is my dream in life, that one day I can show my grandchildren the beautiful products people all over the world could make, can make and will keep making. To teach them the lessons of life: Just be yourself. Don’t try to be someone else. This is how I want them to see the world in the future, the same way as I saw the world in the past and present.

And 1962? Oui mes amis, Jacques Grosz was born that year and this is his story. Je m’appelle Jacques.”

This post was previously featured on Union of Artisans for which I own the copyright.



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