Zoom: Mauro Fardin x Manuel Canova

Two Worlds Through One Lens

There are so many worlds within our worlds, that one might think we are moving in a parallel universe. We often seem to forget that the finest details of life can be found within arms reach. A few of these finer details found each other in the pittoresk town of Due Carrare, where renowned denim artisan Manuel Canova of IMjiT35020 and gifted photographer Mauro Fardin met each other by chance and capitalized on the opportunity to share the best of both their worlds… 

Mauro Fardin
Mauro Fardin, the photographer, met Manuel Canova, the denim artisan, early 2014. As so often in these finer worlds, they shared similarities and passions. With Mauro being a dedicate lover of special bikes, a friend introduced him to Manuel. And as we all know, true bikers can hardly do without raw denim:
“Manuel and I quickly became friends as I really started to get into the denim culture, but most of all because we share the same vision of the world, ideals and culture. Now, Manuel has become like a brother to me. He is truly one of the most humble, honest and sincere people I’ve ever met.”

Did you have any affinity with premium raw denim, prior to meeting Manuel?
ritratto 2 Pitti 89
Manuel Canova, IMjiT35020

“Well, I knew what raw denim was since a couple of years. But in a fashionable world and especially a very fashionable Italy where the brand you wear matters most, it’s very hard and sometimes impossible to find real premium raw denim. But now, I only wear raw denim.

Let’s discuss the photoshoot you and Manuel collaborated on. From which angle did you approach the shoot? 
“First of all, I was very lucky that Manuel trusted me completely with this shoot. Everything was under my total control which was ideal, as the shoot wasn’t even planned! Manuel just told me to take some pictures of the company and the people working inside, so I started taking pictures of everything that looked important and which I was curious about. When I do a shoot, I follow what I feel with my heart, with my brain and what I see with my eyes. I always aim to have content, a meaning and finally an emotion.”
Mauro’s shot is about demonstrating how an IMjiT35020 raw denim is made, focusing intensely on key pieces and portraying details with beautiful close-ups. It shows us how many people and how many hands are working to create one perfect and unique product, details crafted carefully by skilled artisans:
“Manuel’s company is like a big family where every single person seeks perfection. To me, hands are the best possible way to tell the story of an artisan because each hand tells us a personal story of life. And telling stories, that’s what we all like.
Telling stories is a returning element in the various shoots Mauro has done, portraying a provocative style that challenges viewers. It draws focus to the reality of the image instead of labeling it as a “fashion image”. Mauro’s work, and specifically his shoot for IMjiT35020, is about enhancing the world of craftsman working with love and dedication inside Manuel’s company. Or as Mauro describes it, “a lab of perfection, culture, honesty and ideals”.DSCF1947
Your own style of photography shares similarities with the work of artisans, such as a heavy focus on details. Is collaborating with artisans something you might do more in the nearby future?
“I really hope so. We’re plagued by photoshopped models that don’t exist in reality but only exist on a screen or a so-called “fashion magazine. We live in a world that is moving so fast, that I’m actually convinced we need to go back to the origins of all things. Craftsmanship and dexterity are DSCF2035very important skills and very serious not to forget. We’re talking about real culture, real talents! I dream of a world less commercial and more true, sincere and timeless. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t think that way. I want to portray a world that is not stereotyped.”
Check out the entire photoshoot of Manuel Canova’s IMjiT35020 by Mauro Fardin HERE

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