The Journey – Decision II

Would you ever take a selfish, financial risk which would put your children’s future at risk?

That tipping point in your life where you need to make the choice that’s right for everyone, in the long-term but also present day. And it’s never easy. You will always wonder ‘what if I took that risk back then?’. It’s normal to have those thoughts buzzing around and dream of things that might have been. But would you ever seriously want to jeopardize your kid’s future due to a gamble you made?

I couldn’t.


I’ve embarked on this journey with a scattered vision, unsure where I want to go and how to go there. My mind was set on running my own brick & mortar store, yet I started having strong doubts due to the financial risk I would have to take (loans, investors, etc.) and not having the guarantee it would actually be successful. Which, of course, makes sense. Life never gives you the guarantee something will be a success. You need to manage your own success.

And that might have been the tipping point in my mind and vision. Do I really want to do this? Commit myself to a situation in which uncertainty would determine how I live day-in and day-out. And even though the vibe was right, the whole idea taking shape in my mind, for some reason I kept hearing a voice telling me ‘NO’.

Perhaps that voice inside my head was my son, whispering to me that now is not the right time and that there are other ways to achieve my vision. It got me thinking, what I really want to do and how to go about. And yes, for years now I’ve been dreaming of owning my own store, educating consumers on how a pure product is made and telling stories along the way. But I have so many ideas popping up in my head what I want to do and most of them revolve around creating a legacy for my son. And then it hit me.

I need to create something that will last.

Photo courtesy of Mauro Fardin Photography for IMjiT35020 Manufactus

I always had this one sentence in the back of my mind, ‘Je suis un visionnaire’ or ‘I am a visionary’. This sentence always stuck with me, pretty much the only French that stuck during high school, as it embodies many things I believe in and feel connected with. For me it speaks about having a vision about something greater. About believing in the art of creating. To mean something in this world, in this lifetime.

Therefor I have made a decision. I will create something that will last, something that can be seen as a legacy for my son’s future. I want him to have all the opportunities in the world, and by creating my vision I want to contribute to that cause.

So you might wonder now, what is this thing you want to create? Well, I can’t tell too much about it at this time, but it involves denim and it will be crafted by a kindred spirit.

Over the years, I’ve grown very fond of the beautiful products originating from indigo and denim, and by working with these ingredients and converting my vision into an actual product, would be a dream come true.

Now, taking this decision doesn’t come easy. I already live on a low budget and taking this step means I need to take additional measures to make ends meet. But it is all for the greater good, a legacy project which (hopefully) shall support my son in the future. So the hell with it, who needs luxury anyway?

A journey waiting to be continued…





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  1. The world needs visionaries. Your blog is beautifully styled, which bodes well for anything you create.

    Good luck with your venture.

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