“You have to do what makes you tick and stay true to yourself.”

Paul Kruize, the bespoke maker behind the one-man brand Paul Kruize Jeans, is a humble man and a kindred spirit. Crafting bespoke jeans with care and passion, his journey is one which has its roots nestled in the desire to go back to making things himself:

“Although I studied fashion and made all kinds of clothes before, I somehow drifted off from fashion. About three years ago I realized I wanted to go back to my roots and make things myself, from start to finish. Thus, in 2013, my journey in jean-making started and I became a one-man brand. But I don’t really see Paul Kruize Jeans as a brand though. It’s just my name that covers what I do as a maker, after all it’s just me.”

Hand-stitching buttonholes on the selvedge button-fly, Paul Kruize Jeans


With his studio based in the city of Enschede in The Netherlands, a city which has a rich heritage in the textile industry, Paul Kruize has all the ingredients needed to craft from the heart. Aside from his surroundings, Paul was born into a family of garment producers, surely aiding to his vision:

“Who I am as a person and who I am as an artisan doesn’t differ that much. What I do is very close to myself. I feel I can only work in a way of which I believe is the right way. I hope people will appreciate these beliefs, and will show an interest in what I do and make. I truly feel you have to do what makes you tick and stay true to yourself.”

Paul Kruize’s jean which he made for the Artisan Challenge

What does the world of Paul Kruize Jeans look like now?
“I’m a bespoke jean-maker, so my focus lies on crafting the best possible product for both local and foreign customers. It’s about finetuning every next pair and improving every next pair of jeans.”

You suffice to the need of those seeking bespoke jeans. Do you see yourself offering a core range of jeans to retailers in the future? 
“I won’t be making series of jeans. But offering my bespoke jeans through a selected number of stores or during special events might be an option. It might create more awareness and a focus on the bespoke wearing client. My goal for the future would be to steadily keep improving my craftsmanship day by day”

All of Paul Kruize’s jeans are bespoke made-to-measure, exclusively for you


As the world is constantly evolving, it is interesting to witness shifts taking place. For decades, our consumerism was based on more, more, more and cheaper, cheaper, cheaper. A mass-consumption society that did more harm to the world than anyone could’ve foreseen. And now, the hands of time are turning. Turning back to a time in which we valued craftsmanship, beliefs and passion over quantity and price. Interestingly so, it’s a generation of millennials and an abundance of pure, artisanal makers that operate as these so-called hands. As a pure maker himself, Paul Kruize is witnessing this shift in balance with his own eyes:

“I feel it’s a reaction to globalization. People are starting to appreciate craftsmanship again. They like to know how and where it is made, who made it and why. The thing is, in essence large scale produced jeans are an impersonal mass product. The small(er) brands make the jeans as a personal garment from the start, therefor really adding extra value for the wearer. Only by wearing it will it become one of the most personal garments in your wardrobe. Especially making jeans to one’s own measurements can be seen as the true pinnacle in artisanal jean making. People, rightfully so, are more willing to invest in a quality product made exclusively for them”
Attention to detail, Paul Kruize putting the finishing touch on the selvedge button-fly

All photos are courtesy of Richard Bussink©


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