The Journey – Step One

April 19th. 

Embarking on a journey which will, hopefully, aid my son’s future. The beginning of a legacy. 

My journey starts in The Hague, the political capital of The Netherlands and a key city regarding the initial steps of raw denim in the Dutch fashion scene. 
Traveling by train to get on a plane, and continuing my journey by bus, automobile and foot, my destination is located in a small town in the Veneto region in Northern Italy.

Stupid is as stupid does, as I got on the wrong bus and losing three hours of my limited time here. Luckily, my friend came to pick me up in the remote village I found myself wandering and brought me to the bed & breakfast I was staying.

After a travel which took me a full seven hours, I felt the need to take a good rest and head to bed early. Tomorrow is an important day.

April 20th.

I woke up in the peaceful and historical surroundings of Battaglia Terme, welcoming the first rays of sunlight as I watch over the corn fields and stare at the hills in the distance. The B&B owner offered me a proper breakfast with some very much needed coffee, the Italian way. Despite being here for work reasons, I couldn’t feel more relaxed than this. La Dolce Vita. 

The morning was spent with my friend, the jean artisan, and it developed into quite the productive session. I had an image in my head on what I wanted to create and how, and as often is the case, you can’t always have it your way. My friend gave me very good advice and his honest, realistic opinion on what would work best for me but also for the end-consumer. DSC_0583

We discussed the project, the yes and no details on the garment and how to go about business. Slowly, I could see my idea developing into an actual product. Step by step. 
As the first step was taken now, my friend advised me to do some extensive research and visit some stores in the city of Padua. Researching similar styles would benefit my vision and help my friend in understanding the concept fully. 

Discovering the gems of Padua was a highlight of this trip. As always, Italy is inspiring and definitely something else in terms of style, design and guts. You’ve got to love their bold approach to fashion and tailoring, their outspoken way of dressing up and embracing quality. 

After spending some hours in Padua, partially due to the fact that I arrived around the time all shops closed for lunch, I found enough visual material to have a clear view on what I want and how I want it. 

Discovering that commuting in Italy by train is much easier than by bus, I arrived at my b&b early in the evening and just in time to see the sunset. If there would ever be a place to retire and grow old, surroundings such as these should fit the bill perfectly. La Dolce Vita.

April 21st.

I woke up realizing I’m making progress. The ongoing motivation to create something memorable and real for my son is the main drive to work on this project. A legacy, something he can embrace for the future. 

I set out early, leaving the b&b behind me and soon Italy. Opting to have some breakfast near the town square, I watch as elderly people walk by and enjoy the life they live. There’s something unique on how people on this side of Europe go through life day by day. They seem more relaxed, not stressing about their day-job or other ridiculous issues. Peace of mind.

I dropped by my friend again, discussing my finds the day before and explaining my thoughts on the garment. We talked about the types of fabric which would work best and the choice between either Japanese or Italian fabrics. As I would prefer to make a fully Made in Italy garment, I got in touch with my friends at Berto Industria Tesille. IMG_20160426_134353
Explaining the project and what the garment would be and its function, they arranged to ship some fabric swatches which would fit my demands in the best way possible. Having visited their factory in 2015, I know for certain that their quality and passion is on a premium level and will guarantee a great experience for the project. 

As I prepare to head home, my friend is kind enough to take me to the airport. Feeling humbled by this man really, as he takes time out of his busy schedule to help a guy like me with his first project. My thanks are eternal. Grazie amico. 

Planes, trains and automobiles. Arrivederci.



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