The Journey – Step Two

It has been almost two months now since I took the first, crucial step in this journey. A journey that is taking shape more and more, with roads showing up in front of me and traveling by my own, preferred speed. Today I took a next, major step. 

I have goals for this Legacy Project: creating something stable and profitable for the future of my son. In order to do so, I decided to register it officially as a company instead of opting to have it generate some small private profit. I believe that by laying down the foundation and build my vision brick by brick, this project can achieve sustainable succes for the long-term of it all.

So, today I had an appointment at the local Chamber of Commerce to register everything officially including the web-store and the trademark name. Of course, which seems to always be the case, they need to know some turnover projections for the tax-squad as they prefer to take your money before you’re making money at all. I never understand how these systems work, at least not here in The Netherlands. Oh well, it’s official now and a next step has been taken.

Over the past two months I haven’t been lazy, however. As I was awaiting the prototype development, I spent my time on envisioning the web-store and how to use the various social media channels which are available nowadays. I got in touch with one of my true friends, and asked him for his help. We always seem to connect on a creative level and he has the ability to convert my whirlwind of creative ideas into something tangible online. That should really help my cause and also clarify my “why” for all of those exploring the Legacy Project. Our aim is to have the web-store, and the site in general, ready in the upcoming weeks and create a buzz online. What could be more exciting than trying to “break the internet” with your own project?

And this project, which comes from the heart and can hopefully excite many believers, is slowly being born. In the next 2-3 weeks, my Italian maker should have the prototype ready for check-up. It’s being made in a basic fabric for the prototype, making the process a bit quicker and easier to alter details for the final end-product. I can’t explain how excited I am to have come to this point in my life. I went through highs and lows in life, and finally it seems it has all been for this specific creation. I truly hope this project can achieve what I have in mind, but I am already very fulfilled with the fact that I’m able to create something meaningful for my son, my eternal love.

To all of you that struggle in life with certain issues, you have to keep believing. I too have had many punches in the face during this rollercoaster life but I never gave up. Neither should you. Keep believing, keep having faith and start achieving!


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