Zen Focus

“Restart and install updates”

I’ve decided to restart my blog and work towards a more focused content from a certain angle. I’ve also deleted all my social media except for one, for specific reasons.

A week ago I was talking to a friend on Skype, and he recently made some decisions which I support fully and actually motivated me to have a more in-depth look on what I was doing with my blog.
In short, he decided to make a split from his former working-partnership for his online platform Denimhunters and is now working on a more professional approach on the aspects of the industry he loves. How he spoke about his motivation and methods on how to do so inspired me. I enjoy it when people discover their inner spark and work with it. They start with why.

Therefor I decided to switch things massively on the blog, and update my own working methods.

A peaceful, digital flow


The first step I took was filtering my mind to discover which things annoy me and which things I value. We live in a digital era and I noticed that I basically use social media because I am bored. This would result in me scrolling through Instagram even when taking a piss. Absolutely ridiculous come to think of it. And for what? Instagram and all those other social media channels have gotten so littered with spam accounts and people focusing to the extreme on their appearance, it would grow irritation instead of providing a proper feed.

So I deleted Instagram.

I operate various e-mail accounts for work and private, and e-mails can really disrupt your work-flow or your own time when trying to relax. Now, during the day I get numerous e-mails regarding work, housing or private matters. Ping..ping ping.. e-mails everywhere!
And yes I know you can switch off notifications. However, when using the app Outlook an extra annoyance comes into play: the Outlook app itself. I’ve never experienced such a shitty app for e-mail and even switching off notifications wouldn’t make me zen because I know this evil, multibillion company app was staring me right down in the eye.

So I deleted the Outlook app.

After these first steps I cleaned up my phone in general. Permanently removing unused apps or ridiculous apps which were mostly linked to the social media. Taking these measures already made a huge difference in my phone traffic. Still, I desire removing Whatsapp but unfortunately I’m obliged to have it due to work communications. You can’t have everything in life I guess.

The main social media channel I’ve kept alive is Tumblr, as it gives a very clean feed on the content I like and it isn’t being destroyed by spam and fake accounts as you’ll find in the masses on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Like most people, I also come home after a long day and flip open the laptop to read some news or watch a movie. Triggered by my mobile clean-up, I decided organize my laptop as well. I split up my browsers and have Safari bring me serious news and industry-related articles, and Chrome for my day-to-day browsing such as sports, Gmail and movies.

Now that my laptop was just as Zen as my phone, thus making me more Zen as well, it was time to have a long, hard and critical look at my blog.

Finding Focus

I often have the urge to write, talk and share anything I’m interested in. Which isn’t a bad thing at all, unless it gets out of proportion. And this is what happened to my blog.
My main interests are artisanal development, the denim industry, connecting with creative minds, and coffee.

Since starting my blog at the end of 2015, I posted a lot of poetry-related articles in which I would let my thoughts speak on screen. And even though I really enjoy writing like that, it was making my blog very messy and drifting away from it’s initial set-up: The Artisan Journal.

So now I’ve decided to focus once more on my interests and keeping the content limited in order to bring more balance to the blog and attract a steady audience who have genuine interest in what and who I write about.

Next to these “decisions”, I’ve changed the theme to Radcliffe which works perfectly for the lay-out I had in mind. It is clean, image-focused and easy to navigate on all devices. I suck at making photos or designing things, so for me it’s very important to have a theme that makes normal things look spectacular and that’s what the new theme is doing to the blog.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy this new set-up and I truly hope the upcoming content will interest you.



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