The Artisan Challenge

And the winner of The Artisan Challenge is:

W.H. Ranch Dungarees


Final scores:

Artisan Overall vote Individual vote Judge vote Total vote
WH Ranch Dungarees 617 77 30 724 #1
TheConcrete 439 77 30 546 #2
Benzak Denim Developers 335 26 70 431 #3
Companion Denim 34 106 30 170
Paul Kruize Jeans 69 18 40 127
Dumluck 78 8 0 86
Endrime 26 9 50 85
B-Strong 22 6 50 78
AKKA Denim 54 15 0 69
Tulp Jeans 16 15 0 31
Hepville 1 9 0 10
Dyemond Goods 4 4 0 8
Ruttloff 1 7 0 8
Rest Denim 0 7 0 7
Korra 1 5 0 6
1200East 0 0 0 0


The Artisan Challenge has finished May 1st 2017! It has been an exciting run with quite some survivors, and some unfortunate punks that dropped out. Check out the drop-down list on the [THE ARTISAN CHALLENGE] header to see an overview of all surviving contenders! Each page has a voting poll which you can submit and influence the outcome of the Artisan Challenge!!!!

Below we have an overall AC POLL where you can give your vote to the Artisan that impressed you the most with their AC Jeans:

The Artisan Challenge is a two-year contest between jeans makers organized by The Artisan Journal with the help of DWC and Companion Denim. The rules are pretty simple: create the coolest and most innovative jean you can, wear it for two years, and document how it develops.


The challenge aims to stimulate creativity and see makers develop something one-of-a-kind. It’s about breaking the status quo. There are a few rules and commitments that the participants need to comply with:

– Innovation: Stimulate the innovative aspect of artisanal jean making;
– Transparency: Share how it is made. Share the knowledge. Openly discuss. Create communication;
– Commitment: Monthly uploads of the wear process of the jeans are expected. Either the artisan wears the jean or a willing victim wears it. The Artisan Challenge will have a designated thread on the DWC forum for this;
– Judging: A selected group of impartial industry professionals will judge the jeans based on various criteria;
– The Artisan Challenge starts May 1, 2015. It will run till May 1, 2017. However should participant decide to give up, loss of face is the only consequence;
– There is a mandatory contribution fee of $ 20 in order to compete.

You can read more about the Artisan Challenge and its participating artisans over at Denimhunters.

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